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Carpet Care Tips:
The Importance of Vacuuming

The best thing you can do for your carpet is to vacuum it frequently and correctly. If you have a family and pets you should vacuum your high traffic areas as much as once per day. When soils get into a carpet they act as sandpaper rubbing on the fibers and will cause the carpet fibers to wear out prematurely.

Correctly vacuuming your carpet consists of 1. having the beater bar set at the correct height for your carpet. (You don’t want the beater bar wearing out the carpet because it is set too low but you do want it to agitate the fibers so as to break the soil lose.) 2. You have to vacuum slow enough to get the soil out of the carpet. Many people move the vacuum so fast across the carpet that much of the soil may never make it into the vacuum. It may lift up from the carpet and than fall back down again. If the carpet is vacuumed slowly then the soils that are broken lose have time to make it into the vacuum. The speed at which you need to vacuum would of course depend on how powerful your vacuum cleaner is and how thick the carpet is.

Loose soils should always be vacuumed out of the carpet prior to cleaning. The reason is that as soon as you ad chemicals or water to dry soil it turns to mud and it get absorbed farther into the carpet and may even remain there after the carpet is cleaned.

More Carpet Care Tips

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