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Ceiling Cleaning

Free demonstrations and estimates. Our cleaners 
can clean and sanitize all types of ceilings,
walls and floors!

Interior Floor to Ceiling Services is located in Palmyra New Jersey about 1 mile across the Tacony-Palmyra bridge from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

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We are ceiling cleaning experts with over 20 years experience. We are fully insured and capable of handling any size job anywhere in the USA. We take pride in doing a great job and keeping our customers happy.


Most people don’t think about it but ceilings serve these and other purposes: 1. Light reflection, 2. Aesthetic appearance 3, Flame retardant, 4. Noise reduction and  5. Insulation. How the ceiling is maintained has an effect on all these things. In fact a poorly maintained ceiling could become an unsightly health hazard.                     


Every year millions of dollars are wasted because millions of square feet of perfectly good ceiling tiles are replaced or ruined by painting when cleaning is all that is needed..  


Interior Floor to Ceiling Services employs non-toxic cleaning solutions that restore ceilings to a like-new condition quickly, safely, and cost effectively.    

We, at Interior Floor to Ceiling Services, understand perfectly well that, your peers, customers, government inspectors and employees have an opinion of you and your establishment that is directly influenced by the cleanliness of your property. As ceilings, walls and floors are mostly what they see, Interior Floor to Ceiling Services can be an asset to your business no matter what business you are in. When given a choice most people would choose the cleanest place to shop, dine, study, exercise, work, receive healthcare etc…  Some people may prefer older establishments, and some may prefer newer establishments We all prefer clean establishments. 


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