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The carpets in your business or home represent a significant investment for you. To protect that investment and extend the life of your carpet you should have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once every 6-12 months. We have some commercial accounts that we clean every 2 weeks because of high foot traffic, tenants spilling food and beverages, and the building owners like to keep their buildings looking good. You cannot harm the carpet by cleaning it too often unless of course the person cleaning it is not properly trained and makes mistakes like over wetting it, using too much detergent, using the wrong solution etc… There are many things that an untrained or wrongly trained person can do to make your carpets wear out or ‘ugly out’ prematurely.

Carpets are exposed to dirt, pollen & other allergens, cigarette smoke & odors, mold, fungus, pet hair, pet stains, dropped food and spilled drinks etc… Your carpets can look clean and still be a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and microorganisms. Allow Interior Floor to Ceiling Services' expert cleaners to restore the look, feel and hygiene of your carpets. Keeping your carpet clean also has the benefit prolonging its beauty and usefulness. Did you know that walking on a carpet when it is soiled causes much more wear and tare to the fibers than walking on it when it is clean? The reasons are that you are working the dirt farther into the carpet and the dirt acts as sandpaper rubbing on the carpet fibers as they are being walked on. The difference is the same as putting on a clean soft shirt and rubbing it against your skin. And then put a little dirt between your skin and the shirt and rub it again. Feel the difference? And if the shirt is thick enough you won’t even see the dirt, but it is dirty! Carpets hide a lot of dirt. Your carpet is dirty long before it ‘looks dirty’.

You should get fiber protectant (i.e., Stain Sheild, Scotch Guard, Teflon etc…) applied to your carpets about once every 2 years. Cleaning your carpets dose not wash the protectant off but it does wear off.  Applying these products makes the carpet easier to keep clean and they make the carpet resistant to many types of stains.

We are often asked "What works better "dry" or "steam" cleaning?". The answer is it all depends on the most important thing; the cleaner who is doing the cleaning, the method is secondary. If you, or someone you know, were unhappy with a carpet cleaning job chances are the reason is the technician did a poor job not the method that he used. All methods work great when done correctly and used for the appropriate situation. And it is a fact that no carpet cleaning system can meet all the requirements of every carpet or of every client; therefore Interior Floor to Ceiling Services carpet cleaning offers both dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning for our customers. Depending on the situation, we will use steam cleaning or dry cleaning or both in order to get the results you require.

It may have been said many times but it's still true - appearances are important. What do you think when you walk into someone’s home, office or restaurant where the carpets are overdue for cleaning? Use our cleaners to maintain the beauty and extend the usefulness of your carpets.

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